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4 behandelingen voor slechts 100 euro per maand
(normaal 200 euro)

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Tui Na (pronounced twie-na) is a 4000  years old form of therapeutic massage. It is the forerunner of Shiatsu and has its origin in China. Tui Na literally means pinch and pull.
During a Tui Na massage, the focus is on the meridians. These are energy channels that run through your body and connect your organs, senses and psyche. As a result of emotional or physical problems, these meridians can become blocked. To remove these blockages I massage specific acupuncture points. This speeds up the body's ability to heal itself by restoring its natural balance. Qi (life energy) can flow freely again and you feel physically and mentally stronger.  
Tui Na can also be used as a preventative treatment to maintain your health and prevent stress and illness. 




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Voedingsadvies          Coaching

Stretching                    Cupping

Breathwork                 Tension Tamer

Stoelmassage             Stress release

Full body massage     Acupunctuur

*Relaxing Retreat

*Awareness Retreat

*Dark Room Meditation Retreat

The first appointment 90 minutes | 75 euros
The first appointment consists of an extensive interview to get a clear picture of the nature and cause of your complaints. In addition, I will feel your pulse and look at your tongue. These two diagnostic methods provide a good picture of the internal balance of your organs and your energy management. This interview is followed by the first treatment.
The follow-up appointment 60 minutes | 75 euros
During a follow-up treatment, the course of the complaints is discussed in advance. In this way it can be determined whether the intended improvement has been achieved and whether your treatment will be continued or adjusted if necessary.
The relaxation / preventive treatment 30/60/90 minutes | 50/75/95 euros
Depending on the duration, we go through the whole body and we solve tension and blockages that we encounter along the way as much as possible. 
In addition to Tui Na massage, I use the following techniques

In addition to massaging the meridians, we can also use acupuncture needles to slow down or stimulate certain energies.

Fire cupping
By heating the air in a special glass cup with a flame and placing it on the skin, you create a vacuum that makes the skin lift slightly. This way you can remove waste products and get stagnant energy moving again at a deeper level. Depending on the complaint, we leave the cup for longer (5-10 minutes) or for a short time or we move it over the skin, adding the effect of massage.
Moxa or mugwort herb (artemisia vulgaris) has a warming effect. This herb can be used in several ways. I use a moxa stick, which is a type of cigar. With moxa I treat the acupuncture points that need attention. The heat of the moxa penetrates deep into the acupuncture points and will stimulate the energy flow or Qi there. This sets the energy of the meridians in motion.



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Ruby Cowan

During a trip through China I first came into contact with traditional Chinese medicine. The treatments I received had a huge, positive effect on me. I discovered how mind and body are inextricably linked. If you want your body to function properly, you also need to take care of your mind. And vice versa. Everything must be in balance. Back in the Netherlands I started studying with Bo Yi.

Because I believe in the power of touch, I have chosen Tui-na as a specialization. The matter is so fascinating and beautiful, and  at the same time  so layered and complex that I realize that this will be the path in my further life.

I can talk about it for hours, but in the end it is practice that counts. What does it do? How can it help you? I would like to invite you to investigate this together.

For information and appointment: | 06 371 970 66

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MASSAGE THERAPY & ACUPUNCTURE | +31 6 371 970 66 | Gentiaanplein 23, 1031AS Amsterdam & Czaar Peterstraat 215, 1018 PL Amsterdam | NL

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